Rob Halford, the legendary frontman of the British heavy metal band Judas Priest, has taken Instagram to display his fight against the COVID-19 with his 25-years-old partner, Thomas Pence.

As you may recall, the metal god, Rob Halford, has surprised his fans by not taking precautions against the deadly virus which has been damaging the population and the economy of the world since its beginning in 2019.

Though Halford has stated in the caption of his photo, which was taken at the parking lot of a mall before the global pandemic, that it’s a throwback, the majority of his fans have reacted to him since he didn’t wear a mask.

Most recently, he has come up on the platform with a brand new photo, in which Halford and his partner, Pence, posed with their cool masks on. Rob Halford has compensated for his misunderstood previous post by saying fuck off to the COVID in the newest one.

The legendary metal vocalist has released his book, titled ‘Confess: The Autobiography,’ on 29 September 2020 via Hachette Books. The book gives an insight into Rob Halford’s musical fame via alcoholism, addiction, police cells, ill-fated sexual trysts, and bleak personal tragedy, through to rehab, coming out, redemption, and finding love.

Here’s what Rob Halford said in his latest Instagram post:

“‘Fuck off covid.’ 🤘🏻😈🎤🔊💛🖕🏻🦠”

You can see the post below and check out Rob Halford’s autobiography here.