Rob Halford, the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, talked about the band’s songs’ versatility and stated that Judas Priest’s songs are metal during an interview with Metal Injection.

Judas Priest, one of the greatest metal bands of all time, is often known for its innovative and pioneering body of work. Although its style has always been rooted in heavy metal, many of their albums reflect diverse aspects of the genre.

During an interview with Metal Injection, Rob Halford was asked about the different elements in the Judas Priest‘s music. The interviewer stated that in the early 80s, Priest’s songs could have been considered as pop songs if the guitars were not as heavy. Halford admitted that the band has no borders yet if it is their song, it is definitely a metal song.

Here is what Halford said during the interview:

“Yeah as we’ve said, for as long as we’ve been together as a band, we’ve always had the blinkers off. We’ve never let anything stop us, we’ve never said, ‘Oh, we can’t do this because it’s not metal.’ If it’s a Priest song, it’s a metal song.

The glorious thing about Priest is that one song on one record could be Painkiller and then another song and another record could be Turbo. I think we ventured into kind-of simplifying metal and giving it that really broader appeal with a simple song like Living After Midnight.”

Halford explained how Judas Priest works and continued:

“It just shows you that when you’ve got the right components, riffs, and melodies in place, that your music has the potential to go further and to spread out more. They’re therefore bringing a potentially bigger possibility of an audience and that’s just the way we’ve always operated as a band.”

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