Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford talked about Slayer and their song ‘Angel Of Death’ during a recent appearance on Rolling Stone magazine.

In the conversation, Rob admitted that he really likes extreme metal music bands such as Slayer and has always been a fan of the band since the first day he saw them. Furthermore, Rob mentioned that Slayer’s heavy sound hit everybody like a ton of bricks and confessed he was one of the people who got shocked by their music style and sound.

Moreover, Halford pointed out his favorite track among the many successful Slayer songs that have been released to this day. As it turns out, the musician really loves ‘Angel Of Death,’ especially when he wants to smash his head and feel monstrous.

‘Angel Of Death’ is the opening track of Slayer’s third and most known studio album, ‘Reign In Blood,’ released back in 1986. The song was written by Jeff Hanneman, and it was about the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Rob Halford talked about Slayer and his favorite song in the interview:

I’ve always been a Slayer fan. I love this kind of extreme metal music with a band like Slayer and ‘Angel Of Death’. They were a bunch of guys out of the Bay Area that spread this new kind of gospel of metal in this extreme form.

The sheer terror of Slayer which hit us all like a ton of heavy metal bricks really did the same to me. And out of all of the great Slayer songs that I personally love to smash my head in to and with, ‘Angel Of Death’ — oh, yeah, baby!”

You can listen to the song below.