Judas Priest’s Rob Halford gave an interview to Billboard in which he showed his support to Neil Young but added that he doesn’t have plans to remove the band’s music from Spotify.

Recently, Neil Young threatened Spotify to remove his music from the platform unless they stop airing The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. The podcast is claimed to be a source of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of the vaccines.

Before this issue, Neil Young was using his own official website to steam his songs as it offers a higher quality sound than Spotify. So, the musician already didn’t like using the platform, and thus, this seemed to be a serious ultimatum.

In the light of these events, instead of removing Joe Rogan’s podcast, Spotify removed Young’s catalog, which caused him a significant financial loss. Recently, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford also joined the debate to reveal his opinions on the issue.

According to what the musician said to Billboard, he supports Neil Young for standing behind his words, but he doesn’t consider removing Judas Priest’s music from the platform. Moreover, Halford claimed that everybody might have a different opinion, but Young did the right thing for himself.

Rob Halford told Billboard the following:

“I applaud Neil Young for standing up for what he believes in so strongly. I think each of us is dealing with the circumstances of this drama as we see fit. I don’t believe in sending out misinformation or disinformation about something that has taken so many lives when the scientific facts speak for themselves.

Everybody has an opinion — did Young do the right thing? Did he do the wrong thing? You know what? Your opinion doesn’t matter. He did the right thing for him.

After Young’s statement, many artists showed their support for the musician snd his decision. His former CSNY bandmate David Crosby said he is proud of Young, and Sebastian Bach relentlessly supported him against opposing views.