Speaking in the recent interview with “The Animal House Radio Show”, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford has shared the primary philosophy of the band.

He said that “we love what we do, we have a lot of fun with what we do, but we take it deadly seriously”. Here’s the full of statement:

“I think you have to kind of make overall sense of the great honor and privilege it’s been to have been a great metal band like Judas Priest for almost 50 years. We’re always stepping up to the plate. We never take anything for granted.

We’re very grateful to all of our fans around the world that have given us this long life in metal. So that’s always in our minds. Wherever we work, whatever stage we set foot on in the world, like we did here last night in Rio [De Janeiro, Brazil], [we] give a thousand percent.

And to some extent, that’s your responsibility — you don’t wanna disappoint your fans; your fans have paid good money and they deserve to get the best that you can give. So that’s all part of the philosophy of Judas Priest. We love what we do, we have a lot of fun with what we do, but we take it deadly seriously. It’s an important part of our being in Judas Priest .

And because music is an emotionally based source of an exchange of power and energy, you have to be aware of how people are feeling.

So that’s just been the kind of mantra that Priest has always had from day one, which is to do our best and to give our best wherever we are in the world.

You can listen the entire interview from below.