In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford stated that having Dolly Parton in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was sensible because the direction of choosing inductees has changed.

Recently, it was declared that Judas Priest would receive the ‘Musical Excellence‘ award, which technically made the band one of the inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, the band would not be among the 2022 class of inductees.

Although Rob Halford expressed his excitement and contentment about the situation in a  previous interview, it was still a controversial issue because they have been a great representation of metal music since the beginning of their career.

The fans have thought that Judas Priest should be recognized under the ‘Performer’ category, which is the main one in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, instead of ‘Musical Excellence.’ Judas Priest not being among the inductees was considered unsensible to the fans.

When the interviewer asked about Dolly Parton during a recent interview, Rob Halford stated that it was a sensible act for Parton to be chosen as an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. According to Halford, this establishment started based on rock and roll; however, it lost its direction in time.

Rob Halford explained when the interviewer asked about Dolly Parton being among the inductees:

“I think, again, if you look at everyone in the Hall, it makes perfect sense to have Dolly Parton in there. I think it’s just this ‘rock & roll’ thing. Should it be called the Music Hall of Fame? I don’t know. It started out with rock & roll, and roll & roll is everything and anything. It’s just a phraseology.”

The fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does not recognize significant metal musicians like Judas Priest has been a controversial issue. While musicians from many other genres have been chosen as the inductees, it does not include many names from the metal scene.