Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently attended an interview on the Mariskal Rock TV YouTube channel and opened up about his bandmate Glenn Tipton. He talked about how Tipton is an important member of the band, and his disease doesn’t change that.

Parkinson’s disease is one of the illnesses that limit the person’s ability to walk, talk, perform simple physical tasks, along with causing unstable behavior and mental diseases like depression and memory loss.

Unfortunately, the disease got a hold of the lead guitarist of Judas Priest in 2008. Glenn Tipton announced in 2018 that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and began suffering its effects. It made it difficult for a guitarist like him to perform complex music, but he refused to get the help of another guitarist or use backing tracks.

The guitarist still has immense contributions to the band in terms of story writing, but his illness still obstructs him from performing as he used to. His bandmate Richie Faulkner updated the fans about Tipton’s condition in 2020 and had stated that he was doing fine, but the effects of the disease are cruel, and the pandemic is not helping his mental health.

Most recently, the band’s frontman Rob Halford updated fans about his bandmate and stated that no matter what Tipton is going through, he is still very crucial for Judas Priest. He revealed that the guitarist will be in the band’s next album, even though he plays the guitar differently, he can still play. Moreover, he didn’t cease to mention that he is an important factor in the songwriting process.

Rob Halford said about Glenn Tipton:

“Glenn can still play the guitar, he plays it differently, but he can still play. He walked out with us at Bloodstock recently, ‘Metal Gods,’ ‘Breaking the Law.’ He can play. So he’ll be on the next album. Whatever work he does, he’s valuable, really important.

He’s a member of Judas Priest, he’s still there. He’s still an important component of this band and what this band represents, particularly in the writing sense. He has a massive contribution to the songs that we have so far.”

You can watch Rob Halford’s most recent and Richie Faulkner’s 2020 interview below.