San Francisco based metal legend Metallica’s virtuoso bass player Rob Trujillo talked during the recent episode of Youtube podcast Drinks With Johnny. He revealed the story of his most embarrassing Metallica moment.

He remembered the time Metallica performed in Paris in front of 85.000 people and said:

“Johnny Hallyday in Paris, 85,000 people – to be up there and to feel that energy and emotionally connect with the crowd on that level was special, but it was such hard work, I don’t know how we could do it.”

He continued to give some details about that night:

“I was meeting with people, like, I would even sometimes do it by phone, and I’d be there for two hours getting the language pronunciation right, so it was a lot of work. But again, going back to what we were saying earlier in life, no matter what you do, if you can visualize, put in the work, and the energy, you’ll get there.

And sometimes you’ll take some beatings. I remember a couple of the shows when we first started doing it – beatings bro, beatings. [Laughs] I recall, there was a couple of them, but it was in Pennsylvania, it was like college – it was over where Penn State is.”

Following the explanation, he finally told the story of how Metallica screwed up and said:

“And holy cow, man, I thought we would play like the fight song for Penn State, we got like 20-10 seconds into that thing, and nobody cared. It was like, ‘Oh my god.’ And I stopped playing, I stopped playing.

I was so embarrassed, and Kirk kept playing, and then luckily, we kind of went into Metallica. Like, in the US, we would parlay it with a local song, these are US songs. And then we would always kind of justify it by going into Metallica, like, ‘Dyers Eve’ or something, like, ‘See, okay, we screwed that up, but we got this,’ so it was kind of our savior in the States.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to reach the source of the statement.