During a recent conversation with Consequence Of Sound, White Zombie’s co-founder and lead vocalist, Rob Zombie, expressed his thoughts about the current state of the music industry and shared his take on the ongoing pandemic.

Rob Zombie is one of the most influential metal stars of the ’90s and he rose to fame as the co-founder of White Zombie, with which he released four studio albums. In 1996 he collaborated with Alice Cooper and their song ‘Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)’ received a Grammy Awards nomination for ‘Best Metal Performance.’

Since then he has been working on his solo career both as a musician and a film director. As he’s such a well-known musician in the metal scene, interviewers are often curious about his views on certain situations, such as the ongoing pandemic and how it has affected the music industry.

In his recent interview, Rob Zombie discussed live performances and said that for a while people won’t feel comfortable going to crowded concerts because the pandemic has affected everyone psychologically too. He said that it will take some time but that eventually people will back to get back to their normal lives.

However, he went on to say that this pandemic wasn’t a surprise to anyone because humans have been toying with the earth’s balance for a long time and so, people like Bill Gates and Barack Obama had insinuated that something like this will happen. Rob Zombie said that what scares him the most is that people will go back to their normal lives and then ‘therell be another one‘ because we won’t change the way we live.

Here’s what Rob Zombie said in his recent interview:

“Obviously, I think it’s going to be a while before people feel like, ‘Yeah, I want to be packed in with a hundred thousand people [at a festival].’ That’s going to be a while before people feel comfortable with that. Then it’ll eventually get back to normal.

The big ‘but’ here is that if the world keeps doing what it’s doing to cause these pandemics, its not going to get back to normal. Because we’ll get over this one, things will get back to normal, and then there’ll be another one. Itll happen again. I mean, what happened is really a surprise to no one.

You can go back and see interviews with Bill Gates and different people, even Obama talking about it. Everybody knew a pandemic was coming in some form. So my fear is that everybody has a short memory. So once people are vaccinated and life returns, theyll just do the same and make it happen again.”

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