The founding member of White Zombie, Rob Zombie shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing his emotions after the death of the original Darth Vader, David Prowse since he is a huge fan of Star Wars.

As you may know, David Prowse was an English bodybuilder, weightlifter, and character actor. He is widely famous for his role in the Star Wars trilogy as the primary antagonist, the iconic Darth Vader.

Recently, Prowse’s management company announced the devastating death news of him on November 30, 2020, at the age of 85. In the announcement, they also mentioned that he had been having treatment for prostate cancer since 2018. The heartbreaking news broke the internet and Star Wars fans were shocked since he was an icon to every devoted fan of the movie.

Since Rob Zombie is among the fans of Star Wars just like nearly everyone else in the world, he shared a post on his official Instagram page dedicated to David Prowse. In the caption of his post, Rob Zombie expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to see Star Wars in 1977. He bid farewell to the iconic actor with a short but emotional message since he was too sad to complete his sentence.

Here is what Rob Zombie said:

“Boy am I glad I got to see Star Wars in 1977. Seems like a long time ago… you know the rest.”

You can see the Instagram post below.