Rob Zombie guitarist John William Lowery, known as ‘John 5,’ has posted some sweet photos of his daughter, Nikki (Lowery) David, and new-born grandchild via his official Instagram account and penned down an emotional message to support his daughter on her special day.

Yesterday, John’s daughter Nikki has given birth to a new child. Frankly, everyone surprised due to the unexpected news because John was very young to become a grandfather.

Today, John and Rita Lowery have talked with their daughter and groom via FaceTime and saw their first grandchild. He shared some very cute screenshots belong to their FaceTime call on Instagram and wrote a touching message to explain what he felt.

These photos reached more than 41k likes and his many colleagues wrote a lot of congratulations message to him.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Today is such a special day for us, my little girl is all grown up and now a mother, welcome baby David…

My grandchild to the world, we love you. Mazel Tov @barryjd93 @nloweryy.”

Famous guitarist, Gretchen Menn wrote:

“Wow!!! Huge congratulations to your beautiful family, and welcome David! Lucky little dude to have the most badass grandfather in the history of the world.”

Gary Holt commented:

“Congrats grandpa and welcome to the club! @john5official.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.