Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 spoke in the recent interview with Eddie Trunk Podcast and shared his opinion about what will change in the film industry after the coronavirus outbreak.

In the conversation, John 5 stated that movie theaters are not gonna be a thing after the pandemic and explained that they are more expensive and less comfortable than watching at home.

Also, he said that people are watching movies from home already because of the coronavirus, and they will get used to watching films online in a short period.

Eddie Trunk asked:

“Here’s the thing: we all know the paid meet-n-greet, VIP experience packages, and just when this started happening, KISS and some other artists pulled the paid meet-n-greets.

I wonder in the bigger picture here, how does this change everything going forward, will they continue, will people ever shake hands?”

John 5 replied:

With me, I don’t think anything’s going to change. A lot of people that come to my meet-n-greets, they come to multiple meet-n-greets and I know them, and it’s wonderful to see them, and some of them have come to 56-57 shows in a row.

I love seeing these people, and I enjoy talking with them, and I give them a kiss, and I’m not gonna change anything. I think this is a horrible, horrible thing that’s going on, but it will pass, and we will get back to normal life.”

John 5 continued:

“The only thing I really think that is going to change is now we have these movies that are being sent right to our home. We can watch them on Amazon, we can watch them on our big TV and enjoy them, and we can pause them if we want, not worry about the person eating next to us in the movie theater.

I think that movie theaters are gonna be a thing of the past because they take up so much real estate and it’s very expensive, but now with this virus – they’re sending the movies right to your home, and you pay for them, of course, and I think movies are gonna do way better business now.”

He added:

“And I really believe that movie theaters are gonna be a thing of the past. There will be some nostalgic ones, just like there are record stores, but I think in my mind that it might be something that’s going to go away sooner than later.”

Eddie Trunk replied:

“I went to a movie just before all this happen, and I rarely go to the movies, it was this movie called ‘The Hunt,’ and as soon the theaters closed, they immediately made it pay-per-view on TV, so you’re already seeing it happen.”

John 5 said:

“Absolutely, that’s my point. It’s now so easy to do that, you sit at the comfort of your home, and a lot of people have a TV, and if you have purchased a TV in the last I don’t know how many years, TVs automatically come with Amazon or Netflix, or both.

And I believe that’s gonna happen because everybody will pay for that. ‘Oh my god, this new movie is out. Remember when we had to get dressed and we had to get out in the cold, and we had to scrape the ice off of the windshields to get to the movie?’ I think all of that is going to change.”

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