Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 had a new interview with Eddie Trunk to discuss his new ‘John 5 and the Creatures’ live album ‘Live Invasion’ and reflects on being on the road. He also talked about playing on Ace Frehley’s new album as well as his meeting story with The Rolling Stones.

As you might already know, American guitarist John 5 has released his latest album named ‘Live Invasion’ with his solo band named John 5 & The Creatures back in 2020. The album had 10 different live tracks from their gigs and had great reviews from the authorities.

While John 5 admitted that his very first rock show was The Rolling Stones’ 1981 gig which was opened by Iggy Pop and Carlos Santana. He also shared the story of how Keith Richards smoked on the plane, in the shower, and everywhere he can.

Eddie Trunk has asked:

“Did you ever meet The Stones?”

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 responded:

“Yes, I have a great Ron Wood story. I was playing the show with Slash called Slash & Friends, and we were in Norway in Oslo, and it was Slash, Ozzy, Fergie, myself, Ron Wood…

And so we’re all on this plane, and we’re like, you know, ‘Why are we sitting here for so long?’ And I noticed everybody else was on the plane, but Ron Wood’s not there.

So we’re just waiting, waiting, waiting… ‘Where’s Ronnie?’ And here he comes, and I remember looking up at the airplane window, you could see the walkway, and it was one of those clear walkways, so you could see people walking.

And here comes Ron Wood with a cigarette in his mouth and a clear garbage bag – huge – full of cigarettes, and I was like, ‘How rock ‘n’ roll is that?’ He’s walking down and he’s got his young girlfriend, it was so rock ‘n’ roll. And he’s like, ‘Sorry, mates,’ and he sits on the plane.

And then I had the room right next to him. We just hung out for a few days, and it was just amazing.”

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