Rob Zombie guitarist John William Lowery, known as ‘John 5,’ has posted a stunning photo of himself with his lovely wife Rita Lowery via official and verified Instagram page and showed the astonishing moments they had at the poolside.

In the recent photo, John 5 was swimming with his wife in the pool and having a great day together. Rita Lowery was looking as usual very attractive with her black bikini.

Also, John 5 has written an interesting message with this photo and announced that “he is ready for warm weather.” We can see them in the pool or sea after this day.

Here’s what he captioned:

“I’m ready for warm weather, check out my cool swimsuit Guaranteed you won’t get a sunburn @rlowery.”

John 5’s wife Rita Lowery commented:


An Instagram user named Dr. Wolfenstein said this:

“Oh my god, this picture is too cute lol.”

You can see the photo of them right below.