Rob Zombie guitarist and former DLR and Marilyn Manson, John 5, posted a new video and a couple of other photos on his Instagram page and celebrated KISS legend Ace Frehley’s 70th birthday.

As you may already follow John 5’s social media account, he’s the long-time friend of the original lead guitarist of KISS and sending regular posts about the co-founder of the band. Today, John 5 shared rare unseen video footage of Ace’s birthday party and paid his tribute to the legend once again.

In the video, you can see Ace just before he blows his birthday candles. However, John 5 did not give away any information about whether the video was taken this year or not. After sharing the post, over 15K followers of John pushed the like button, including his beloved wife Rita Lowery.

Here is what Rob Zombie guitarist wrote:

“Happy 70th Birthday to great friend Ace Frehley.

Love ya buddy!”

You can watch the video of the party below.