Rob Zombie guitarist and famous filmmaker, John 5, was recently interviewed by Player FM’s ‘Guitar Speak Podcast‘ alongside Zakk Wylde this week and talked about his huge guitar collection and revealed some highly-wondered questions about it.

As you may already know, John 5 released his latest album named ‘Live Invasion’ with John 5 & The Creatures last year and the album features ten songs from the ‘Invasion’ album that was released a year before it. John 5 pretty much performed most of the album live and changed ‘Medley’ and ‘Take Your Whiskey Home‘ as exclusive tracks.

In his latest interview, John 5 was asked that as he’s been very well-known for his guitar collection, is it true that one of his aims to have a Telecaster from every year of production.

Rob Zombie guitarist also admitted that and also stated that he pretty much has every single Telecaster up until about 1983. He also stated that he would bring his Gold guitar to the next tour he will attend.

Guitar Speak Podcast asked:

“I think I heard you on Jude Gold’s podcast, and I think you were rocking through a little practice amp, and that sounded incredible…”

John 5 responded:

“Yeah, and that’s what I try to tell kids – you don’t need a Marshall stack. You just need to practice and you’ll be fine. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a guitar or an amp or anything. It doesn’t make you any better, it just makes you louder.”

Guitar Speak Podcast asked:

“What guitars would you bring on tour?”

John 5 responded back:

“I think I’m gonna bring the Gold guitar, my main one, of course; I’m gonna bring the little Gold mandolin, I do this little song called ‘Constant Sorrow’ on ‘Invasion.’

And then I will probably bring the Light-Up guitar, so stuff like that. It’s gonna be wonderful, it’s gonna be a fun show.”

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