The guitarist of heavy metal musician Rob Zombie, John 5 exhibited his impressive guitar collection with a funny caption on Instagram.

John 5, the former member of the band Marilyn Manson and the current guitarist of Rob Zombie, has been highly active on social media either by sharing short videos in which he plays guitar or by posting the times when he was on stage. As you may recall, he has posted a throwback picture a short time ago to tell how he misses being on tours.

Lately, John 5 has shared an enviable picture on Instagram and showed off his massive guitar collection. He also wrote on the caption that this is the classic outlook of most of the guys’ rooms before they got married. John 5 fascinated his fans with his latest post, as they said how amazing the collection looks in the comments.

Here is what John 5 said on his latest Instagram post:

“This is what most guys’ rooms look like before they get a wife.”

You can see the post below.