The famous guitarist of Rob Zombie, John 5, seems pretty silent on his official social media account these days. However, his lovely wife Rita Lowery has posted a couple of new messages and hammered the people who judge the others.

As you may check out the posts of Rita, she advised the people who criticize others about their social media posts and said that they should just shut their mouths.

Here is what she wrote on her Instagram Stories:

“People, don’t force anyone to think like how you think. You can express how you feel but keep it moving.

Who are you to force your beliefs on anyone else? Just kindly STFU. You are not always right.”

Later on, she posted yet another message:

“If people chose to stay silent let them be. Who are you to say things like: ‘I see you.’

WTF! You are bullying people. Leave people ALONE! Stop judging, you have no idea what people struggle with.”

You can check out the Instagram Stories post of Rita below.

Photo Credit: Rita Lowery – Instagram Stories