Rob Zombie guitarist John 5’s wife, Rita Lowery, has shared a new photo of herself on Instagram Stories and mesmerized fans by her flawless appearance.

As you might see in the photo, Rita was spending her time with her cat by staying at home. She showed off her perfect beauty by wearing a leg revealing dress. She perfected her beauty with a necklace. In addition, she left a brief note about her cat on the photo.

Here’s what Rita Lowery wrote:

“He’s been laying like this forever.”

See the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Rita Lowery – Instagram

A few days ago, Rita Lowery has shared a recent post on her official Instagram account and make a frightening announcement.

The four people were wearing protective gear and walking around the street in the picture and on the caption of the post, they were warning the people who try to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak, by saying these people are not medical workers. Also, It says that you should call 911 if you see these scammers.

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