During a recent appearance on ‘Heavy’ podcast, Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 talked about his huge money issues in the early time of his career, explaining how he got some of his first concerts.

While talking about his latest album, ‘Invasion,’ which is released in July 2019, he recalled the early time of his career.

Here’s what John 5 stated:

“I was actually winging it and hoping for the best. What my plan was, was I was going to work half the price than anybody else.

If they were a thousand dollars, I’d do five hundred, or if it was five hundred, I’d do two-fifty and get my name out there that way and do my best, and really try hard and work hard and be so focused. That’s what I did.

Luckily, everything worked out. Like, what happened in my life, I couldn’t have dreamt in a million years. I’m so lucky and so thankful.”

When asked if being a ‘gun for hire’ made it difficult as a solo artist. He replied:

“I think everything, to me, I don’t really have a plan. If I get a job playing on a commercial or a TV show or a tour or a record, I’m happy because I have the guitar in my hands. Whenever I have a guitar in my hands, it’s a good day.”

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