The multi-tasker metal frontman and film director, Rob Zombie, has uploaded a photo of his two different sides on the official Instagram account, making a 25 years challenge.

As you might see the collage, Rob Zombie’s look is almost the same after 25 years, except for his clothes. His black and dark hair at a young age was replaced by gray hair.

In the caption of his photo, Rob said that the photo which is on the left is from 1995 and on the right one is from 2019. Most of the followers headed to the comment section to show their reaction to Rob’s comparison.

Here’s what Rob Zombie captioned:

“The more things change the more they stay the same. Left pic 1995 – right pic 2019. Same old head tilt. #robzombie #sameoldsameold”

His lovely wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, left an emoji to show her reaction:


A fan named jamesgra7 commented and said this:

“Sexy man🖤🖤🖤”

See the Instagram photo below.