Legendary filmmaker and vocalist, Rob Zombie, shared one of the weirdest experiences he had on television via his official Instagram account and revealed a really funny story about it.

In the caption of the post, Rob stated that he was a guest of the Cupcake Wars for a while ago, even though he hates the cupcakes. Also, he mentioned the famous magician Justin Willman and said that it was so funny to see him convincing a guy to think he is invisible.

As you can see in the picture, the guests of the program including Rob and Justin, are sitting on the table and posing for the camera to immortalize that moment.

Rob’s post got over 10K likes in thirteen hours, and the fans shared their reactions by writing in the comment section of the post.

Here is what Rob Zombie wrote:

“Many years ago I was on Cupcake Wars! Totally weird. That’s why I did it. I don’t really like cupcakes all that much.

The dude on the right is Justin Willman and he is an amazing magician just watch his Netflix show Magic for Humans. Watching him convince a guy that he is invisible is too fucking funny.”

A fan user named McKenzie said:

“I was happy to see you at the show 🖤”

Another fan named Bruce added this comment:

“I saw that one. My wife and kids love watching those type of shows.”

You can check out the post below.