The iconic rock music star, and a director, Rob Zombie posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and shared the astonishing nude photo of his lovely wife, Sheri Moon Zombie.

As Rob shares the perfect body of Sheri Moon, he revealed the story of that rare and special photo.

Here is what Rob Zombie wrote:

“A big throwback to 1998. The last doing a photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone and Sheri was hanging out waiting for me.

The photographer @markseliger asked her to jump into for a couple quick shots. He took maybe three pics. This one ended up in Rolling Stone. I love it. A great spontaneous moment. 

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A user named croatiannsensationn commented:

“You both look the same so please continue to make great movies till you can’t walk anymore 👌🏼🤘🏼🙏🏽”

You can see the photo below.