Famous director and musician Rob Zombie has posted four rare photos on the Instagram account and remembered the day that they took the music video of one of the most important songs of himself.

Zombie flashed the backstage process of ‘Well, Everybody’s Fucking in a UFO’ music video and revealed the details frame by frame in the caption section of Instagram post.

Here is what Rob Zombie wrote:

“February 28, 2016. Shooting the Well, Everybody’s Fucking in a UFO video. Pic#1. @jeffdanielphillips studying his lines with @sherimoonzombieofficial . Pic #2 directing the ufo landing sequence. Pic #3 the whole gang. Me, John, Piggy, Ginger, Jeff, robot and Miss Peachbottom. Pic #4 more @jeffdanielphillips and @sherimoonzombieofficial.”

A fan named Chelsea added this comment:

“So goddamn fabulous 👽”

Another fan named Coty Taylor said:

“Well, still watching the ufo fuck out of this video.”

You can check the post below.