The multi-task metal frontman and also film director, Rob Zombie has posted a special photo from the live show of The Haxans, which he was attended last night, via his official Instagram page.

Rob has shared how he felt when he was trying to take a picture from the stage of the band and said:

“My phone was freaking out last night at the @thehaxans gig. Hard to photograph vampires. Snapped one shaky pic. Good show @piggydofficial! #theviperroom #thehaxans #piggyd”

A fan named Rojas commented:

“It was badass finally meeting you Mr zombie. And it was a hell of a show! 🤘🏼”

Another fan named Dead said:

“Lol. I think you just been up too long. That 24-hour thing is a hard target.”

Check out the Instagram post of Rob Zombie below.