Almost 2M followed social media phenomenon and also famous American filmmaker/musician, Rob Zombie, has reached a rare as rhubarb memorabilia from his past and shared it with his followers.

As Rob Zombie has indicated on the caption, his friend and also musician of Sepultura, Phil Rind, has sent the photo on his official Instagram page and showed the banner of the gig they’ve participated with Rob in 1991.

However, while Rob Zombie shared the banner by saying that the crowd did not enjoy their set at that night, Phil claimed that they’ve managed to rock the stage that day.

Here is what Phil wrote on the post:

“29 years ago today we kicked off the New Titans Tour in NYC with Sepultura, Napalm Death and Sick of it All. A few notable additions to the show at the Ritz.
Photos courtesy of Pauly Porkchop.”

Rob Zombie reposted the image and wrote this caption:

“29 years ago today I played this show. I have no memory of this, but there it is. I am pretty sure the crowd did not enjoy our set. Thanks to Phil Rind for posting this.”

You can see that golden-worth memorabilia right below.