Legendary frontman and filmmaker Rob Zombie showed his longing for the audience by sharing a new post on the official Instagram account and revealed the differences in his life compared to the last year.

As you might recall, Rob Zombie was on the tour last year and they even collaborated with Marilyn Manson in the name of ‘Twins of Evil: Hell Never Dies Tour 2019.’ They rocked North America in summer and mesmerized the fans together.

However, all the concerts, events, and tours were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, and almost every musician forced to stay at home to protect themselves, fans, and their families.

Rob mentioned these differences between the last two years and shared a couple of photos from the concerts of the last year. In this way, Rob unveiled how much he missed playing in front of the audience, and it seems like Rob is pretty bored to sit back in the house instead of rocking on the stage.

Here is what Rob Zombie said:

“Last August we were rocking and rolling and doing Karate!

Now we are sitting at home watching the world crumble on the boob tube.


You can check out the post below.