Rob Zombie, the legendary musician and a filmmaker, has celebrated the 52nd birthday of his brother Spider One with an awesome throwback picture of themselves, which was taken 53 years ago.

The great musician Rob Zombie has recalled a memory about his little brother Spider One, who is a singer, record producer, and director, as he wished a big happy birthday to him. Shared a highly special and adorable photo, taken when Rob was a child and his brother was a baby yet, he said that he still remembers the day they were taken together.

Rob Zombie said that, even though the picture was taken 53 years ago, he remembers crystal clear what he thought at that moment. He admitted that when standing over him, he thought how long until he can get up and start playing with him. Mentioning the waiting is the hardest part when you’re a kid, Rob proved that he has been a responsible big brother.

Here is what Rob Zombie said in his recent post:

“A big happy birthday to this little dude, Spider One. Even though this pic was taken 53 years ago I can still remember standing over him thinking ‘how long until he can get up and start playing?’ 🎊🎈🎁🎂👍🏼”

You can see the post below.