The rock singer and also movie director, Rob Zombie has shared some photos of himself and Michael J Pollard, who is an actor known for his famous character in Bonnie And Clyde.

Michael J Pollard passed away at the age of 80 and Rob has penned an emotional letter after Michael’s death. In addition, there’s no official statement about the cause of his death.

Here’s what Rob wrote:

“Another member of our House of 1000 Corpses family has left us. The great Michael J Pollard has died. I have been a huge fan of Micheal since I first saw him on the Star Trek “Miri”. He was amazing in everything from Bonnie and Clyde to Little Fauss and Big Halsy from Dirty Little Billy to The Four of the Apocalypse.

20 years ago he was one of the first actors I casted in 1000 Corpses. He was a hoot and will be missed. #ripmichealjpollard #houseof1000corpses #robzombie #bonnieandclyde #startrek”

A fan named Screamqueen commented:

“He was brilliant in Corpses & in star trek, such a great actor RIP Michael 😢”

Another fan named Dee said:

“Crazy but he stood out to me last night in a pic I have of y’all on a table in our bedroom. 😞”

Check out the Instagram post of Rob below.