The iconic rock music star and famous movie director, Rob Zombie’s long-time wife Sherie Moon Zombie posted a recent photo on her official Instagram page and revealed the great moments she had with his lovely husband.

Sherie Moon also celebrated her followers’ Thanksgiving Day with a simple caption.

Here is what she wrote:


At the Zombie household it’s #feetonthetablenotmeatonthetable 🍁

#plantbasedthanksgiving #leavetheturkeysalone”

A user named thewillardofoz commented and said that:

“The en croute field roast is the best! I had it today too 🖤 happy vegan thanksgiving!!!”

Another user, samanthapriest wrote this:

“Hell yeah! The turkeys thank you for posting this, you guys are awesome. 🤘🌱🤘”

Here is the photo below.