The famous musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie‘s wife Sheri posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a mask which made her look like a character from ‘Breaking Bad.’

The heavy metal musician Rob Zombie has been married to the American model and actress Sheri Moon since 2002. The couple married after almost nine years of dating. Rob and his wife have been maintaining a vegan lifestyle and both are devoted animal rights supporters.

Sheri Moon Zombie has been spending her time improving her pottery skills in their Connecticut farm where she also houses rescue animals and takes care of them.

Recently on her Instagram account, Sheri posted a selfie taken in her studio while mixing dry glazes for her pottery. As you will see in the photo below, she had a gas mask on her face to protect her from harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, Sheri mentioned that she used to think about how this masked-on look made her look like a character from the famous TV show, ‘Breaking Bad.’ However, nowadays, with Covid-19 precautions, this look has become something normal for everyone.

Here’s what Sheri Zombie wrote on the caption of her Instagram post:

I wear this mask when I’m in my studio mixing dry glazes for my pottery-I used to feel very “breaking bad” when wearing it, now it’s just pretty normal.

You can see the picture Sheri posted on her Instagram account below.