Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn recently joined Metal Injection for an interview and remembered when several clubs banned Machine Head from performing there.

After working with Forbidden between 1985 and 1987, Flynn played with Vio-lence until he decided to form Machine Head on October 12, 1991. Flynn left Vio-lence after a fight between the band and a local gang. However, he still wanted to make music and express himself via songs.

When the musician formed Machine Head, they were jamming in a local warehouse, recording their demo in a friend’s bedroom. Roadrunner Records then listened to Machine Head’s demo and signed the band. Afterward, they entered the studio to record their debut record, ‘Burn My Eyes.’

Flynn and Adam Duce wrote most of the album’s songs about their battles with substances, some controversial public events, and social unrest. After its release on August 9, 1994, ‘Burn My Eyes’ became a huge metal hit. It sold around 400,000 copies worldwide and became the best-selling debut of Roadrunner Records.

Speaking to Metal Injection, Robb Flynn stated that he could make an album like ‘Burn My Eyes,’ but he wasn’t in the same mentality he had back then. According to the musician, he was battling addiction, had broken up with his girlfriend, got into fights frequently, and was pretty violent. Flynn then argued that three clubs banned Machine Head from performing there for this reason.

Talking about whether he could make an album like ‘Burn My Eyes’ today, Robb Flynn said the following:

“I could write it musically, but I’ll never be in that place that I was, lyrically —writing songs like ‘Blood For Blood,’ just songs about fighting and violence.

I was dealing drugs, and I had just broken up with my girlfriend; I was dating four strippers at the same time. If you want to have the craziest six months of your life, date four strippers; it’ll be the funniest and most insane shit you have ever done.”

He then continued:

“On top of that, I was really a mess; I would get in fights all the time, taking my anger out on the world all the time. Machine Head ended up getting banned from three clubs.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.