During a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Machine Head lead singer Robb Flynn reflected on the band’s new album, which he described as very heavy compared to some of their previous works.

Machine Head released their latest and ninth studio album entitled ‘Catharsis’ on January 26, 2018, and it’s known as the band’s drummer Dave McClain and guitarist Phil Demmel’s last album. The album got mixed reviews from its fans because choosing to create a less heavy style.

This change shook the metalheads, who mostly hear Machine Head’s usual approach to music, so it split them in two. Also, they started to wait for their next record to understand whether they completed embracing another style. Last year, the band members announced that they went to the studio to work on their upcoming album.

During his interview, Flynn revealed the upcoming album would be the heaviest, and he thought he couldn’t write an album like ‘Burn My Eyes’ while he was playing tracks from it as part of the Electric Happy Hours event. However, the singer stated that they ‘spilled into’ their new record regarding the riffs he made.

Flynn said in his interview that:

“It’s heavy, probably the heaviest we’ve been in a few albums. I’ve been playing so much guitar recently; I do Electric Happy Hours every Friday, and sometimes you play a song you haven’t played in 10 or 20 years or go through a whole album from top to bottom.

When we toured ‘Burn My Eyes,’ it took me back to where I was writing that music. I don’t think I can ever be in that place again lyrically, but riff-wise, I think that all spilled into this album.

You can check out one of Electric Happy Hours below.