Famous singer Robbie Williams spoke in the recent talk with SiriusXM’s Volume and revealed the real story behind his fight with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

As you might remember, Robbie wanted to build a basement in his house, but his next-door neighbor, Jimmy Page, didn’t want this to happen. Because of this conflict, there is court progress since the last year.

Also, there was a rumor about Robbie that he was dressing like Robert Plant with a pillow underneath his t-shirt and singing the Robert Plant and Black Sabbath songs to annoy Jimmy Page.

In the conversation, Robbie revealed the truth about this rumor and stated that this did not happen in reality. As he stated in, there was a guy who wrote this as a joke in the comments of the article and most of the newspapers took this as real news.

Interviewer asked:

“You had some feud going on with Jimmy Page over a swimming pool, which is this a very rockstar feud, isn’t it?

Here is what Robbie Williams said:

“No, like, I want to build a basement in my house because it’s a really sound investment idea and the right honorable Jimmy Page, who lives next door, doesn’t want me to do that.”

Interviewer asked:

“Because of the construction noise?”

Robbie Williams replied:

“Yes. And I think he thinks it is going to damage his house. And I could promise him it’s not but here’s the thing: Jimmy Page lives next door!”

Interviewer said:

“It’s pretty cool. I’ve heard that you started blasting music and stuff like that…”

Robbie Williams about the rumor:

“Okay, here’s what’s happened. Somebody left a comment underneath a news article saying: ‘I’m a neighbor and I’ve seen Robbie Williams dressed as Robert Plant with a pillow underneath his t-shirt, blasting out Robert Plant songs and Black Sabbath songs.’

And the newspapers, in their infinite wisdom, knew that this was a joke but printed it as it was true.”

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