Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford opened up about the time when he spent 11 years away from the band during a recent interview with Classic Rock. According to the singer, they never had a feud that led to his departure, and he instantly missed his bandmates following his exit.

For those of you who may not know, Rob Halford successfully fronted Judas Priest throughout the 1970s and 1980s, during which he gained fame with his signature look, including his shaved head, leather clothes, and tattoos.

In the band’s very last concert of the ‘Operation Rock & Roll’ tour in Toronto, the lead singer decided to hit the stage with his huge Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which he often did. Unfortunately, the motorcycle malfunctioned as Halford entered the stage, causing him to collide with a half-raised drum riser, and he fell off and broke his nose.

Although he was unconscious for a while, the crew managed to find the musician on the stage and took him backstage where he received the first treatment. Then he got back on stage and finished the show with a plaster on the bridge of his nose.

Surprisingly, the on-stage accident actually contributed to Halford’s departure from the band as he revealed himself during an interview. The rocker announced that he was leaving Judas Priest in the Spring of 1992. 

Over a decade later, during which the singer worked on a project called 2wo and formed a solo band, Rob Halford returned to Judas Priest in July 2003. The band embarked on a tour in 2004 in celebration of their lead signer’s return, and they have been together since then.

During a recent interview, the ‘Painkiller’ singer looked back on the time he was making music away from his band. When asked if he was on bad terms with his then ex-bandmates like many other musicians who have left their bands, Rob Halford revealed he never wanted to show them how great he is without them. Furthermore, he admitted missing his bandmates right after his departure.

In addition to this, the Judas Priest vocalist said that once he released the Fight’s debut album, ‘War of Words’ in 1993, he wanted to return to his band. However, the singer couldn’t rejoin as some people in his team weren’t taking the proper steps to communicate.

During the interview, Halford said:

“I missed them from the very start. I never once had that ‘I’ll show you’ mentality. I remember talking to the guys around the time of the ‘Turbo’ album, saying: ‘I’ve got this idea of doing some stuff on the side.’ They were like: ‘Yeah, we might do that ourselves. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with the band.’

That was the green light we gave each other back then. So I felt that once I’d made the Fight album, ‘War Of Words,’ to me that was it: ‘I’m ready to come back, let’s go.’ But there were some people working for me who were not making the appropriate things happen in terms of communication, so it wasn’t to be.”

Although he failed to rejoin his band in 1993, and it took him a whole decade to come back to Judas Priest, fans are grateful that the singer eventually made it to the band, and hearing that they didn’t have a falling out really pleased them.