Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant stated in his recent podcast ‘Digging Deep, The Robert Plant Podcast’ that the main reason he does not want to write a memoir is that he does not want his family to know what he did throughout his career. Resembling memoirs to requiems, he stated that he finds them unnecessary.

Robert Plant has been sharing his podcasts ‘Digging Deep’ on YouTube for two years now during which he has touched many subjects and revealed various stories. In his most recent episode titled ‘Life Begin Again,’ Plant talked about the reason why he does not want his family to know what he did in his entire career after he passes away and criticized the artists that have written a memoir.

In his explanation, he stated that when people write their memoirs, they tend to describe every event based on their point of view. However, when each event happened, there were a lot of people and circumstances that affected that event. Therefore for Plant, it is meaningless.

Also stating that he doesn’t want to expose himself and his memories to his family, especially the stuff he did during his career with Led Zeppelin, he said he prefers to be in total control in deciding which stories he wants to reveal in his podcasts.

Here is what he said:

“What do we think of ourselves if we think we have to write down what happened accidentally? I mean, these things happened; it took a lot of other people to make them happen – a lot of circumstances that can’t be repeated. Idiomatically, with the personal analysis from the time, from the circumstances, from the enthusiasm.

It is almost like a requiem. I don’t believe in all that. I also don’t want my family to know what I got up to!”

Although Plant has shared a lot of stories from his life in his podcasts, the fans are not hopeful that they will get a whole book. They have accepted Plant’s opinions about writing a memoir and respect his decision not to reveal his family about his rock and roll life. 

You can watch the full podcast below.

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