The lead singer and lyricist of the British rock band Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant disclosed the quite surprising news that the founder and guitarist of the band, Jimmy Page, and the late icon, Prince, were on the brink of collaboration, yet Prince refused by bringing John Bonham forward.

According to the 1988 article of Rolling Stone, Prince, who was one of the biggest Led Zeppelin fans in the world even to cover ‘Whole Lotta Love’ several times within his career, avoided working together with them by making a bold claim.

In his old and rare interview, Robert Plant revealed that he actually urged the two legends, Prince and Jimmy Page, to come up with a groundbreaking work, however, Prince didn’t agree since he thought Jimmy Page ‘couldn’t keep a sequence without John Bonham behind him.’

As you all know, the great drummer of Led Zeppelin, John Bonham, played with the band until his death at the age of 32 due to heavy drinking. Led Zeppelin disbanded soon after the death of Bonham.

Though the autopsy found no recreational drugs in the drummer’s body, Rolling Stone reported that Bonham had just overcome a heroin issue and he was taking medication for depression prior to his death.

Here’s what Robert Plant said on Prince and Jimmy Page:

Prince and Page together would be great.”

Prince said about working with Jimmy Page that:

“Jimmy Page was cool, but he couldn’t keep a sequence without John Bonham behind him.”

You can check out Plant’s interview here and Prince’s interview here.