Robert Plant, the frontman of the legendary band Led Zeppelin, has talked about his decision to use more than five Zeppelin samples in his quite successful album, ‘Now and Zen,’ after his departure from the band.

During an episode on his Digging Deep podcast, the iconic face of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, has recalled the period when he was trying establish a solo career away from the image of the band and released his fourth solo album, ‘Now and Zen.’

He talked about the landmark song of the album, ‘Tall Cool One,’ during his recent conversation. Plant explained why he took the difficult choice to deploy several samples of Zeppelin recordings while insisting on remaining on the solo path.

After the New York-based hip hop and rap-rock band, Beastie Boys, used the samples of the classic Led Zeppelin tracks on their debut studio album, ‘License to III’ which came out on November 15, 1986, Robert Plant put a great effort to reclaim the music from a band no one authorized to use it.

Within the ‘Tall Cool One’ episode of the podcast, Plant said it seemed a good idea to use the samples since you can’t get a better drum sound. He admitted that he thought if they were that much good, why not use it again and again. So he started sampling Led Zeppelin’s stuff and whacking it onto the end of his own records.

The tracks, ‘Heaven Knows’ and ‘Tall Cool One,’ from ‘Now and Zen’ by Robert Plant feature Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. In response to the Beastie Boys’ unauthorized sampling of some Led Zeppelin songs on their 1986 album, Plant also used samples from the Zeppelin records ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ ‘Dazed and Confused,’ ‘Black Dog,’ ‘Custard Pie,’ and The Ocean.

You can check out the aforementioned episode of Robert Plant’s podcast below and see the source here.