Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant recently gave an interview to The Guardian and talked about his current career path. In the interview, the musician also discussed not making rock music anymore.

Robert Plant rose to prominence as the lead singer and lyricist of the iconic rock band Led Zeppelin. He stayed with the band from their formation in 1968 up until their disbandment in 1980. Apart from his career in Led Zeppelin, Plant also made contributions to various projects in later years.

In 2007, Plant worked with the country singer Alison Krauss for a new project titled ‘Raising Sand.’ The album achieved commercial success following its release and brought the pair several awards. After 14 years, Krauss and Plant announced that they will release a follow-up album titled ‘Raise The Roof.’ The well-anticipated record is due on November 19.

Speaking to The Guardian, Robert Plant talked about the upcoming album ‘Raise The Roof’ and working with Alison Krauss. He said that the music he is now making is not rock music as it’s not about power and posture. Robert then stated that this is a remarkable evolvement for him. Moreover, he implied that he has a ‘jetpack’ on his back if he decides to return to his roots.

Robert Plant told The Guardian that:

“None of this music is rock. It’s not about power and posture. How remarkable for me to be able to jump ship so long ago now. But I have a jetpack on my back in case I want to go back.”

On a side note, following the release of ‘Raise The Roof,’ Plant and Alison Krauss are planning to go on a tour in 2022. Although it seems like he is content with his current sound, it is also refreshing to hear that Robert has a plan B and might make rock music again.