Speaking in a recent interview with Current, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant spoke about their 50th anniversary plans. He said:

“Well, we’re planning to get together and talk about it. Basically, it’s very difficult to find stuff that still is unheard, and not only will it be 50 years, but it’ll be, next year, 38 years since John [Bonham] passed away.

And the great thing about Led Zeppelin was that we didn’t chronicle ourselves; we just kind of went from town to town and sang songs and played guitars and stuff. And then went about our lives. The whole idea of chronicling the life of people in bands…

In a way, I wish that we had more stuff to look at, but there will be a book of photographs and stuff. But some of it will be particularly interesting, I think. Beyond that, musically, there’s bits and pieces lying around, but not an album or anything like that.

But there will be a celebration, I’m sure, somewhere. A cork will pop!”

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