Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant was recently interviewed by Planet Rock Magazine for the My Guide to Life feature in Issue 14 and admitted how Led Zeppelin inspired Pink Floyd.

Plant said that Led Zeppelin’s Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert was inspired by Pink Floyd’s quick one-off show in 2005.

Here is his statement:

“I liked what Pink Floyd did at Live 8 – a quick one-off and let’s leave it at that. They did it for a good cause. It’s was the same when Led Zeppelin did the charity show for Ahmet.

We had a prolonged affinity with Ahmet, so if there was ever a reason for a reunion to happen, that was it. But the idea of doing it next summer and the summer after that and so on is enough to break me out in hives.

My peer group were writing substantial pieces of social commentary, and I was willowing along the Welsh borders thinking about Gollum. “I liked what I did, but now I look at it and go ‘Wooh, that was a bit iffy.’

But I do like ‘Stairway To Heaven. I can look at it objectively. I can’t always get my head around it, but it does do something substantial.”

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