Robert Plant frontman of the Led Zeppelin one of the greatest bands of all time gave an interview to The Guardian about his voice in the early tracks of the Led Zeppelin.

He commented that he isn’t fan of the early tracks of Led Zeppelin and he liken horrific his voice in that tracks.

According to The Guardian Robert Plant claimed that he “realized that tough, manly approach to singing I’d begun on [the 1966 track with the band Listen] ‘You Better Run’ wasn’t really what it was all about at all. Songs like [Zeppelin’s] ‘Babe I’m Going to Leave You’ … I find my vocals on there horrific now. I really should have shut the f— up!” According to Plant, he took that decision with the work on another particular track of the Zeppelin, “Friends”.

Moreover, he talked about another track “Achilles Last Stand” in the 1976 Zeppelin’s album “Presence” and the Damned. The Damned was one of the favorite bands of Plant. He commented that, “They quite rightly kicked juggernauts like Pink Floyd into touch for a couple of years.”

When he was talked about modern music, he said “I’m not lying down because I’m from another time,”

Ideas of a professional like Plant are making the past of music more clear.