During a recent conversation he had in ‘Digging Deep Podcast,’ Led Zeppelin star Robert Plant talked about the end of Led Zeppelin in ’80s and revealed huge money problems of the band while touring.

While discussing his 1983 solo piece ‘Big Log,’ he recalled the old days of the band. He mentioned that they have performed on stage for no money in clubs around England.

Here’ what Robert Plant stated:

“And to get the story right, many years before that, I went to Rockfield Studios in Monmouth [in Wales] and Dave Edmunds was recording ‘I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock N’ Roll’ and all that stuff.

And his contract, I think, with RCA was up, and I really, really loved that sort of sass with his rock ‘n’ roll stuff. It sounded like early Nashville rock ‘n’ roll, like, 1962, ’63 kind of stuff, and Dave Edmunds was at the helm of it all. He had a great group.

So I went to Rockfield, enjoyed the place, found Dave, got him to sign to Swan Song Records, and just went about my business, and he had some good success, had a good time.”

He continued:

“I used to pass by and go to Rockfield quite often because the Welsh border is my sort of mana, and down there it’s a pretty beautiful country. And at the end of 1980, I had no place to go; Led Zeppelin was over, John was gone, so I formed a group called Honeydrippers.

We used to play clubs around England for no money, and I played with this great band, they were really great players.

We used to play small clubs and go around and the driver of our van, his name was Big Dave, used to go to the front door of the club and say, ‘Who’s playing here tonight?’ and if anybody mentioned me, we’d just drive on.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

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