As you know, Rob Trujillo’s 12-year-old son, Tye Trujillo, will appear on stage as a bassist at a few upcoming concerts of Korn. He even played already in Korn’s recent live show. Click here to watch his debut live show with Korn. 

Recently, Metallica’s bassist Rob Trujillo spoke in an interview made by Globo Play and explained his thoughts about his son, Tye Trujillo. He said:

I never forced him on music. I always felt that if he wanted to embrace an instrument, great; I’d try to help him with it. So initially, at first, it was drums. And then around that same time, when he was one, he had a little plastic guitar, and he would play it all the time, just strumming it — always strumming it everywhere, to the point where the plastic was worn down.

It’s a beautiful thing, ’cause he’s still a 12-year-old, and he still acts wild and crazy, as a twelve-year-old should, but when it comes to music, he’s very focused. And with Korn, it’s funny, because I haven’t shown him anything at all for the Korn stuff — I’ve been too busy and I’ve been out of town a lot — and he’s taking this opportunity very serious.

You can watch the entire interview from here.