Metallica bass guitarist Robert Trujillo spoke in the recent interview with The Vinyl Guide and talked about his new goals with the side project, which is a funk metal supergroup, Infectious Grooves.

In the interview, Robert said that they are invited to the Hellfest Festival in France, and he felt guilty because they didn’t have any new songs to play for the audience. Their latest album was Year of the Cycos, and it released in 2008.

Because of that, Robert set a goal for their upcoming show and explained it by saying that he wanted to play new songs and release a new project for the audience after twelve years, even though there is still a danger of getting coronavirus.

Following this wish by Robert, the band started to make a new EP for a long time ago, and Infectious Grooves will release this brand new EP in October, named Take You On A Ride, features three unreleased songs from 1995.

Here is what Robert Trujillo said:

“I’m pretty tight with our friends at Record Store Day, and I thought, ‘This could be interesting.’ We also had gotten an offer to Hellfest in France, and yet I felt almost guilty about playing Hellfest in front of that many people and not having a new product. And I thought, ‘Well, what if I put together an EP with some of these songs that have never been released.

Basically, finish them, and get ’em mixed and mastered — get the artwork going and actually take this thing and get it released through Record Store Day as a special vinyl release. There’s no label, there’s no management, so there are no rules.”

He continued:

“So my goal was to release this and also be in France with the lineup — or some of the lineup — that’s actually on that record, and represent it as best as we can. One of the songs, we actually had to use the bed tracks from the cassette, because we couldn’t find the master tapes.

We were, like, ‘Well, let’s throw it on to Pro Tools and use it.’ It sounded great; there wasn’t any damage to the tape. So we basically used the guitars and the bass from the cassette tape, and we tracked vocals on top of it.

And then, obviously, I added some keyboards and kind of doctored it up. It was a really interesting, fun challenge, ’cause some of that music, it’s like a time capsule.”

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