Greg Harris, the CEO of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, recently joined an interview with Audacy. He responded to the questions about Eminem’s induction by indicating the rapper’s success is as impactful as the rock scene.

People have discussed the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s choosing inductees from other genres, such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Dolly Parton. Previously, Dolly Parton wanted to stay out of the Rock Hall when she was chosen as one of the nominees.

According to Parton, it was unrighteousness for the other rockers as she had not released a rock album. Although many musicians supported Parton’s decision, Rock Hall kept the nomination to honor her.

In a previous interview, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford mentioned how the direction of the Rock And Rock Hall Of Fame has changed while talking about their induction came after many years. Halford stated that the Rock Hall moved away from its origin. That is why Dolly Parton’s induction was sensible, as he indicated.

In a recent conversation, Greg Harris responded, mentioning Eminem’s songs were as impactful and hard as metal songs when the interviewer asked about his induction into the Rock Hall. He declared that they were very excited when Eminem was first inducted into the Rock Hall by indicating it as a ‘big statement.’

Greg Harris explained in his words:

“For a lot of years, people asked about hip hop. He’s the 10th artist to be sort of categorized that way. But you listen to his music; it is as hard-hitting and straight ahead as any metal song. It’s right there. It’s a chest punch with a message and with power and with a rhythm and with a band. We’re thrilled he’s going in his first year of eligibility; it’s a big statement.”

According to Greg Harris’ statement, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been embracing the other musicians who made a similar impact with rock and metal. The musicians and audience have different opinions in this case.