During in the recent episode of Trunk Nation, famous rock journalist Eddie Trunk has shared his opinion about Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth as a singer.

He said that “David Lee Roth was never a good singer live” and continued:

“It was never about that with him. Not even close. If you’re younger and you didn’t see Van Halen in the early days and you think there was ever a time Van Halen and David Lee Roth sounded like he did on those records, you’re dreaming.

He always sounded like that. He got by on the fact that he was the ringleader of the party and that he was all over the stage and a great frontman and a great looking guy and all that. He never got by on his vocals live, never.

He also added:

“And he talked about, in my opinion, and I agree with him, how brutal Van Halen can sound live because of Dave’s inabilities and deficiencies as a singer and whatever else and he did point out that that live in Japan record which made a lot of news at the time that it came out, not for the reasons you’d want-because the vocal was so rough.”

If you are a Van Halen fan and you know Dave struggles singing, would you rather hear him for what he is today vocally and know that it is all real or would you rather have him sing into a track and make it sound better?” “In a sort of sick way, I respect how Van Halen put that live record out.”

Click here to entire statement via Alternative Nation. You can watch one of the recent live performances of Van Halen below.