Rock music veteran and political activist Ted Nugent has been silent on the news of President Donald Trump‘s Covid-19 diagnosis while there have been various speculations about its actuality made by the rock music icons.

As you may know, current President Donald Trump shared a tweet to announce he and his wife Melania Trump were tested positive for Covid-19. According to the sources, they both were doing fine for now.

Many musicians and celebrities reacted to the news on social media after the President’s announcement. However, a lot of people claimed that Trump was actually tested negative, yet he lied about the results. Mötley Crüe icon’s Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee were also among these people who believed Trump might have been lying about being sick so that he could recover in no time to prove that Covid-19 was not a big deal like he previously claimed.

While the conspiracy theories related to the President’s health status were getting more and more support from the rock stars, one of the most devoted supporters of Trump, Ted Nugent, has been silent on the issue.

As you might recall, Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane Nugent have been passionate supporters of 45th President, Donald Trump. They even participated in a documentary about the President and to talk about his achievements as well as their experiences as Trump supporters.

Since Nugent shows his support for Donald Trump’s statements and actions often on social media, fans considered his silence as something unusual and they were looking forward to hearing what he had to say about the subject.

You can see Ted Nugent’s official Facebook page here.