Queen’s Roger Taylor recently received an Order of the British Empire and dedicated it to the Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins who recently passed away, saddening the music world.

Taylor Hawkins suddenly died on March 25 in his hotel room in Columbia, where he went with his band to perform at a concert. Although there were drugs on the scene, the death of the drummer is still not certainly known, and the investigation continues.

After the news, the fans and the entire music world were devastated and shocked. Many celebrities shared their memories with the drummer on social media and paid tribute to the talented rock star. Queen’s Roger Taylor was specifically upset at losing a fellow drummer and a friend.

Taylor recently received an OBE for his contributions to the music scene. He dedicated his rank to Taylor Hawkins, given that his death is still an open wound to him. The rocker stated that Hawkins was ‘sunshine in human form,’ and he still cannot believe that he won’t be seeing him again. The drummer also mentioned how he ‘mentored’ his son Rufus Taylor.

Here is what Taylor said about Hawkins:

“We’re still so upset about Hawkins’ death and completely devastated. My whole family and his whole family were very close. My wife called him, sunshine in human form. He was the most wonderful man, and I can’t quite believe that I’m not going to see him again. He’s done a lot to help my son, who’s a great drummer, and he actually sort of mentored him. We’re going to miss him so much.”

Happy events can be saddening during this time when people are trying to grieve the death of an important person. Hawkins’ death was devastating, especially for his band, because it was unexpected. The drummer is not known to have significant addiction problems, and according to some reports, he suffered from chest pain before his death, which means a heart attack could’ve caused his death.