Queen drummer Roger Taylor updated the fans about the band’s new project with the touring frontman Adam Lambert during an interview with Mojo.

Queen has been working with vocalist Adam Lambert for ten years, and the trio has been touring the world together. Moreover, they have released two live albums named ‘Live in Japan’ and ‘Live Around the World’ so far. Although fans have loved seeing Lambert as the lead singer of Queen since 2011, the band always performed their already existing tracks without releasing new material.

As some of you might recall, Queen + Adam Lambert revealed that they were working on an original song during their spare time while touring in Nashville back in February. According to Brian May, one of their friends gave them the song, and although it was a good track, they weren’t quite certain about releasing it.

While fans were excited to hear a new song from Queen after decades of silence, Roger Taylor recently gave them the bad news. During an interview, the drummer revealed that Brian May suddenly lost his interest in making the song. He then added that he doesn’t exactly know the reason behind May’s decision.

Roger Taylor also stated that the band members couldn’t decide on the song’s title, and the lyrics didn’t feel like a Queen song as they were a little too negative. However, the musician still has high hopes for the future of this new song since it was a really good piece.

According to Mojo, Taylor said:

Brian suddenly lost interest and I don’t really know why. We started it in Nashville when we were all quite tired. We couldn’t decide on a title and the lyric felt a little too negative for Queen, maybe. But it was pretty damn good, and I hope it comes to light.”

It’s fair to say that fans are disappointed to hear that they won’t be getting a new track from Queen + Adam Lambert. Nevertheless, they must also be glad that the band didn’t just release a random track they don’t feel comfortable with for the sake of releasing a new track.